back from the track

A man travels the world in search of something that he finds at home. Because in order to appreciate the rest of the world you should not feel at home anywhere else than home. For 11 months every day was a new discovery and I thank all the people that we met for being so kind to us to lift the veil to their version of the world. Locals aswell as fellow travelers, you made this experience to what it really is. The time has come to get back to the studio and get my hand soaked in paint. Also will there be a photo expo in a month or two with a selection of my best travel pics. If you don't want to miss that day you can send me a mail to get a reminder and an invitation at the photo's will be for sale and reproduced in limited editions, if you are interested in coming by the studio please contact me. Now armed with a brush, camera and microphone loaded with 11 months of world inspiration a new era begins, hopefully in one way or another we can share the creativity. For those who are about to rock i salute you! peace love and paint, Tymon Ferenc de Laat

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