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Publish date: 09-05-2012


This is a series of photo's uploaded on instagram, an overview of the best shots from the worldtrip and some other trips. All shots are taken with an canon 5DmarkII. All shots are taken by Tymon Ferenc de Laat and more work is to be found on this website www.melikepainting.com. Predominantly they are portraits, the locals always facinate me the most. I look for color and character. hope you enjoy my travelphotography

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Damn brother, your not only a bad ass painter but sick ass photographer as well! You are the man my homie! Also, I didnt know you were Mexican. I love Mexico, I have been to Mexico City quite a few times. The street art is very pure in the form of the people, love it. I posted a few old canvases I did if you would like to have a look at them in my photos. Peace my friend, talk to you soon!......Bubo

Bubo | 25-09-2012 02:33:12

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